My name is Abd R. an animale lover. I own this blog Bluemidnights.com. I love birds and I also have some cage birds in my home. I have birds since I was a kid (6). Personally, I am breeding cockatiel, budgies, finch, diamond dove, Java, Ringneck, pigeon, etc. I open this blog, just because I would love to meet more animal lovers all over the world. In my years of experience, I feel that, if you only have a true love for animals then you can stay with them. Otherwise, you can’t keep any animals or you can’t understand their language though. It’s my thoughts, and I would love to explorer all over the world with animal lovers.

I will share tips that how I take care of my birds and other animals I had.

Also, we are sharing some products from Amazon and getting Amazon affiliate commission. We get a commission is not increasing your price on the products. It helps us to maintain this blog and maybe a few more mugs of coffee.