Are Ringneck Parrots Good Pet For Beginners
Beginner's Guide

Are Ringneck Parrots Good Pet For Beginners

I’m so proud to be a ringneck owner. Not only ringneck I have been keeping various types of birds since I was a kid. Ringneck is something different for me. 

I love my ringneck much more than any other birds I have had. 

I will explain why I love so much and prefer you as a beginner. You should try a Ringneck though.

Why is Ringneck better for beginners? 

  1. First of all, it’s a very very beautiful bird, better than any other bird in the world. It’s my personal opinion, I’m not sure if it is true or not. But from my point of view, I see the indian ringnecks are the most beautiful birds on the planet. 
  1. Another Reason is that it’s very very friendly. Yea, if you keep a ringneck for a few days, it will act like it’s your friend. A friendly ringneck never bite you. 
  1. Also it’s so so funny because they like to imitate other animals, birds or babies. 
  1. They love to spend time with humans. And very easy to keep in hand,shoulder or you can just keep a stand in your work place or the place you most spend your time, they will stay there.
  1. Easy to feed. You don’t have to be worried about their food. Just make sure you research first before just picking a ringneck. They mostly eat fresh fruits, seeds, chickpeas, fresh vegetables, nuts,  and many others. I will share another article about that.  Also don’t feed your ringneck these foods
  1. Indian Ringnecks are highly intelligent birds on the planet. They can easily memorize 200 – 250 words. It’s very impressive.
  1.  It has a long lifespan. 25 – 30 years is the average lifespan of an Indian Ringneck. So, they can stay long with you though.


In the wild ringnecks are green. But as pets, there are many variants of ringneck parrots. Wild green, lutino,white, and more mix breeds as well. I will share another post about the colors of indian ringneck parrots. 

Male or Female

An adult male ringneck has  a blackshape ring in their throat and the female has no ring. When you purchase a pair of ringnecks, ask your breeder to test their gender. 


Well, a lot of newbies are just getting very excited when they think about being a bird owner. I always prefer babies. 

If you hand feed them it will be tamed easily. A 2 month old baby is the perfect size for a beginner. 

But if you have gathered some knowledge,if you have that kind of capacity to keep them safe, then you can pick a little one.

But still I prefer that at least 2 month old is a better choice. 

And don’t take adult aged pairs if your intention is breeding. 

Final Words

I’m an animal lover, especially birds and more than especially Indian Ringnecks. Just stay with my blog, I’m sharing many amazing facts about Ringnecks

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