Tips To Train Your Ring Neck
Beginner's Guide

Can Indian Ring Neck Talk? Tips To Train Your Ring Neck

First, you need to realize that not all parrots can speak. This is where the Indian Ring neck parrot shines. It is a more intelligent bird than other members of its species.

It is able to learn words quickly and can be a great speaker. They can easily memorized around 250 words or so.

Despite being known for their excellent speech abilities, some parrots might not be able to speak in their lifetime. Don’t let your bird down or force it to talk.

Here are some steps you can take to help your bird learn to speak.

Choose The Perfect Bird

In this point I wanted to recommend you, choose a bird from Professional breeder that born in cage and not wild. As a responsible pet owner, I never recommend to a wild bird or any other wild animals.

So, choose a baby bird from breeder or any rescue house. And hand feed them. An Indian Ring neck parrot could be extremely aggressive and bite so hard if you don’t train them perfectly.

Choose a baby bird and hand feeding is important.

Spend Time

Consistency is the key. You have to spend a lot of time with your Bird. At least a few hours a day. When I work in my computer I use a stand to keep my parrot beside me. You can use stands for that. I have another article that I recommend these stands for large birds.

Establish trust

Animals behave in a similar way to humans. Animals are more comfortable around people they trust and know. Start by committing to it. Spend lots of time with your bird. It is important to love it, take care of it, and have fun with it. Ringnecks are intelligent birds and can sense your emotions and intentions. They will also reciprocate with the same.

Get your child to love and trust you. Soon, it will want to communicate with you.


Do you remember how your parents forced us to study and how we rebelled when forced to? We would study long hours to earn the new bike if we got good marks.

Animals are in the same boat. Recognize their positive behavior and reward them for it. At first, your pet may be the one who receives the reward. As your pet gets better, you can make the rewards more appealing to them, such as a head massage or a water bath.

Use sounds

You can easily purchase an audio book online as the time goes by. You can train your bird by listening to the same words repeatedly in a loop. You can also create your own audio files to be played. This will allow you to quickly train your bird.

Final Words:

Always remember its hard to train an adult bird than a baby bird. Many newbies just wanted to own a full adult bird which is a big mistake for a beginner. A baby bird is very easy to train however you want. Comment below if you have any questions though.

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