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Don’t Feed These 5 Foods To Your Ringneck

Never try to feed these foods to your Ringneck. If you love birds, you have to know how to take care of a pet bird. Today I’m going to share some facts about what not to feed your Ringneck.

I love Indian Ringnecks, and would love to spend time with them. I also take care about what Im giving to my birds.

I saw many people, giving wrong foods to their bird and that’s very very dangerous to them, even it could because of certain death.

Indian Ringnecks are not design to digest these kind of foods though.

If you don’t have any idea what to feed your ringneck parrot or what to not feed them, you could at least research on the internet. Wherever you’re researching, make sure you taking knowledge from an expert and well-known.

Contact a vet in your local, is the best advice. These days, I have read a lot of blogs, in the internet, many people giving the wrong information about your pets.

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5 Things You Shouldnt Feed To Your Ringneck Parrot


Please don’t do this. It’s high sugar, process food that ringneck parrot or any bird is not designed to digest chocolate. If you feed chocolate to your bird on a regular basis, it could be very bad.

Salted Nuts

Don’t feed your birds salted nuts. Its a processed food as not natural. It could be bad for their stomach. Always, give them fresh foods. Dried roasted peanuts are okay.

Mushroom, Avocado, Garlic, Onion

I really worried about those people who thinking or would love to treat their birds as humans. Come on, they’re not human. These are not their foods. Don’t feed them mushroom, avocado, garlic, onion, etc.

Vegetable/Fruits That not Fresh

Vegetables or fruits that wet for a long-time could be a reason for fungal bacteria. If you feed those to your ringneck parrot or any birds is harmful to their health. It leads to a certain bad cough weakness and finally death. So always try to feeding them fresh foods and vegetables.

Other Process Foods

Always try to feed your ringneck parrot fresh, natural, and homemade foods and avoid any type of processed foods. Some foods are promoted as sugar-free. Are your birds are patient with diabetes? huh, This kind of food could be a reason for your bird’s liver damage.

Final Words

Birds are the best friend of them who love it. But make sure you’re not a cause of their death. If you keep birds, then do the perfect caring of it. Always, feed fresh and recommended foods. Do you have any questions? Let me know!