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Is a Ringneck Parrot illegal To Keep At Home?

Many people often asking this question, that can I keep a Ringneck parrot or can I just catch it from the wild and keep it as a pet? I’m going to answer this.

I’m a bird lover, not only bird I have interests in animals. This is why I have open this blog to share knowledge.

Caging an Indian Ringneck Parrot or any parakeet from breeders or a rescue center is totally fine. But It could be dangerous at the same time a legal threat if you’re tried to catch a wild bird in the United States.

Not only parrot or parakeets, any bird from the wild. You also cannot catch it or keep it in a cage unless you have the authority of research or a legal permission.

In the United States, its totally prohibited or against the law to keep wild bird in cage.

So the Questions:

Can I keep a wild Ringneck parrot or other parakeets in the cage in the United States?

Ans: No you cant.

Can I keep a Ringneck or other parakeets from a genuine breeder or rescue house?

Ans: Yes, you can.

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