Shout out to all the lovebirds confused about what color paint is best for a couple’s bedroom. Whether you have just tied the knot or have been married for an eternity, we have all the options you need to decorate those walls according to your personality.

The color of your bedroom walls can be a game changer when setting the right mood. If you want to spice up your love life or even relax and enjoy each other’s company, then it’s essential to create the proper atmosphere.

As you are confused about what to do with those bedroom walls, keep reading. Today we will guide you through the paint colors that can be applied to your couple bedroom wall according to your personality to give it that personal touch you opt for.

5 Romantic Paint Colors For A Couple’s Bedroom 

Check out the 5 romantic paint colors we have suggested that you can use for your love nest. These will help to create an atmosphere that will encourage you to spend more time lost in each other’s company and also increase the sparks of intimacy between you and your partner.

1. Ravishing Red 

The universal color of love is red, and that is a fact for sure. Just think about it when we give our significant other flowers, it’s red roses most of the time. Even when we text, we often send them red heart emojis as it symbolizes love more than any other color.

If you are a couple who is seeking romance at any given opportunity in your bedroom, then painting the walls red will create that exciting, intense mood.

With ravishing red walls, it may be a challenge to fall asleep at the end of the day without going through some workout sessions. If you know what I mean!! 

However, to balance the color combination of the couple’s bedroom, use white bed sheets and rugs. This will help you to relax and doze off beside those red walls. I mean, you do need some sleep, after all.

2. Raspberry Pink 

While red walls can be eye-soaring for some couples, another option could be to paint the walls raspberry pink. 

The color gives a flirty and romantic vibe, along with displaying youthfulness. And it is perfect for a newly- married couple who wants the world to know what goes on in the bedroom!!

Although we admit that the color pink is a bit girly, you can always go for white or black decor accessories to create a setting that will complement both of your tastes.

3. Dark Green 

Do you want to know what color paint is best for a couple’s bedroom that loves nature? Well, green is the answer you are looking for, as we all know that green is associated with nature by looking at the color of trees and plants.  

Hence if you and your partner want to reveal your intimate side by nature, this is the perfect color to splash on your bedroom walls. And yes, a darker shade of green is recommended for the room. As a lighter shade will make people think that aliens have invaded your bedroom!!

Nonetheless, to create that lovey-dovey atmosphere, you can go for gray bed covers and a wooden floor that will nicely complement the color of the walls. 

You can decorate the room with a few wall-hanging green plants for a touch of nature. Oh yes, and not to forget, you could always use fancy lights, which will let off that romantic feel amongst the greens.

4. Bold Black 

Since the colors pink and red define love, in that case, black can be categorized as a color of intimacy and sexiness. I mean, we are not talking only talking about the color of the walls here, but when we see someone attractively suited or dolled up in black, it instantly makes our heads turn.

Although black would be a good color for a couple’s bedroom with regard to intimacy, there are many downsides to it too. 

Black walls may make your bedroom look small and dark and may also be a problem for those who are claustrophobic. Nonetheless, if your bedroom has ample space with light-colored furniture such as white or cream, then you can consider painting the walls black.

This will give the room a cozy and intimate look that is perfect for newlyweds.

5. Lovely Lavender

If you want another color associated with love after red and pink, it’s definitely lavender. The color is not too dark or light but a medium-toned soothing shade that symbolizes royalty.

For the bedding, you can use a darker shade of lavender or maybe gray to give your bedroom a more royal outlook. This will instantly relax your mood and perhaps later bring out the intimate side of you.

5 Relaxing Paint Colors For A Couple’s Bedroom 

While some couples head off to the bedroom to romance, there are others who prefer to relax or just sleep after a long tiring day. 

And yes, those who have been married for quite some time and work long hours who also have children most probably go to dreamland as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

That’s why you need to check out our 5 suggestions when deciding what color paint is best for a couple’s bedroom that will help you to relax. 

1. Beige 

Beige is probably the dullest color to use for the bedroom walls of a couple. But then again, it creates a calm and less distracting atmosphere letting both of you relax.

Most of all, beige is a color that works well with both light and dark-colored furniture and decor accessories in the bedroom. Therefore you don’t need to worry about matching the color of the bed sheets or rugs with the walls. 

2. Blue 

We all know that the color blue represents clean water and clear skies, which promotes feelings of relaxation, helping you to sleep. But make sure the bedroom is painted with a lighter shade of blue as a darker shade might create the opposite mood leading you to stay up all night.

You can either paint all the walls by using the same shade of blue, or you can combine it with white to make the room look much brighter. Also, don’t hesitate to try out multiple shades of blue when it comes to rugs, pillow covers, lamps, or other decor accessories for your bedroom.

3. White 

Do you want to fall asleep as soon as you hit the bed? In that case, painting the bedroom walls white will give you both the feeling of peace while letting your eyes relax before you fall asleep.

Besides, the color white will make your bedroom look more spacious and brighter. Hence your partner can sleep peacefully as you don’t need to turn on the lights in the morning when getting ready to head off to work.

If plain white walls look too simple and ordinary, you can combine them with another light color, such as blue and green, to create a slightly lively atmosphere.

4. Green 

Green is a color that is associated with nature, such as trees and forests giving off a peaceful vibe when used for painting bedroom walls. The calamity of green will also help you to feel at ease, letting you rest for the night.

But make sure you pick light or mint green to paint the bedroom walls, as it will create the atmosphere you are aiming for. Because the wrong shade, such as yellowy green, can make the room look less appealing as it may remind you of food that has gone rotten.

If you want to give your room that natural look, you can always hang paintings of flowers on the walls. Or use curtains that have leafy designs, and even keep a few indoor plants to help you unwind.

5. Light Gray 

Light gray can be categorized as a neutral color. This makes it a perfect fit to splash on your bedroom walls to create an environment that will let you fall asleep quickly.

However, we are pretty sure that you will not want to sleep whenever you set foot in the bedroom. That’s why you need to get rid of the dreary look.

To do that, you can try combining it with other colors, such as using bedsheets and curtains that are black in color. Or you can simply use white decorative lights to give the room a feel of sophistication.

3 Paint Colors For An Elderly Couple’s Bedroom 

As people get older, their physical health deteriorates, where hearing, walking, or even seeing can prove to be quite a challenge. That’s why when deciding what color paint is best for the couple’s bedroom, who are in their late ages, it is essential to consider their emotional and mental state to make them feel comfy.

Here are 3 different color paints that can be used in the bedrooms of elderly couples.

1. Lilac 

Most older people prefer light colors such as white or cream, which can cause a more depressing environment for them. That’s why bright pastel color paint splashed on the walls, such as lilac, can help to maintain the elderly couple’s visual vibrancy.

Soft shades of purples and violets colored paint can also help elders to relax and calm their mood. When it comes to furniture, the best color to opt for would be dark brown to match perfectly with the lilac-colored walls.

2. Red And Orange

Warm colors such as red and orange may look odd on the bedroom walls of senior citizen couples. But then again, these warm shades will create a cozy and lively atmosphere which is much needed for the elders.

Since people in their old age start to lose their vision gradually, using colors that are too light may seem dull to them. Hence it is always a good idea to use bright colors for the bedroom walls.

3. White and Yellow 

It is obvious that older people are less active and often feel depressed. Therefore a bright and cheerful paint color such as yellow on the walls will instantly help to uplift the mood of elderly couples, making them think that happiness does exist.

Not to mention painting the walls yellow will also be helpful for the elders when it comes to their weak eyesight, as the bright-colored walls reflect light which will improve their visibility.

But then again, if the whole room is yellow, it will look like a child’s bedroom. Hence it is a good idea to use white color paint as well to create a decent combination.

5 Paint Colors For The Bedrooms Of Those Couples Who Have Different Personalities 

As we all know, opposites do attract, which may cause a huge problem when it comes to living together as a couple. Why? Well, because you and your partner may have a difference in opinion when it comes to choosing curtains, furniture, and what color paint to use in your couple’s bedroom.

That’s why we have come up with 5 different paint color combinations that will reflect both of your personalities in the bedroom. 

1. Light Pink and Chocolate Brown 

The unusual combination of light pink and chocolate perfectly displays how opposites attract. Pink, being such a feminine color, will make the bedroom look girly. Hence a splash of chocolate brown on the walls will give the room a different appearance which will surely be hard to forget.

It will be a daily reminder of how two people so different can fall in love and live under the same roof.

2. Denim Blue And Deep Orange 

Blue and orange seem like a somewhat out-of-place color combination. Although it does sound weird, the two colors on your bedroom walls will reflect how different your personalities are. 

Blue usually represents the sea and ocean. In other words, calmness. On the other hand, orange symbolizes the warmth of the sun. By painting the walls using these two colors, it is evident that one of you must be a cool-headed person, whereas your partner is most likely short-tempered.

Believe it or not, the final result of using these two colors on your bedroom walls will give the room a bright and unique look.

3. Bright Yellow And Cream 

When deciding what color paint to use for the couple’s bedroom, it’s vital to dig deep into both of your personalities as it will help to decorate the room according to your choices.

In this case, combining bright yellow and cream will give the bedroom a cheerful and energetic vibe. Yellow is perfect for those who love to live loudly, whereas creme symbolizes sophistication and elegance.

However, limit the amount of yellow paint used on the walls as it could make the room look too bright. What you can do is paint the whole room cream and leave out one side of the wall for it to be covered in yellow to add a little color.

4. Lime Green and Baby Pink 

The color green represents calmness, and pink brings out the feminine side of a woman. As a result, the walls will give a vibe of softness in your bedroom. Make sure to go for lime green, as any other shade of the color will look mismatched next to pink.

To get the best results, it is recommended to paint all the walls pink and add a splash of green on just one section, as too much lime green will not look appealing under artificial light at night.

To elevate the color combination, simply add green bed linen, rugs, lamps, and other furniture you have in the bedroom. And if you want to be nice and loud, you can also throw in some bold pink accessories to make the room look more lively.

5. Dark Brown And White 

This color combination is perfect for Bounty chocolate lovers; since the chocolate is dark brown on the outside and has a white coconut filling inside. Brown represents the feeling of affection for those who are in love and are always in an extra lovey-dovey mood.

The combined colors will represent a couple with a balance of affection and serenity. Besides that, the colors will create a romantic and cozy atmosphere in the bedroom, making it look more attractive. 

Since white makes the bedroom look more spacious, it will be better to paint most of the walls using this shade. And yes, a hint of chocolate brown on maybe one or two sides of the walls will add a romantic and sophisticated touch to the room.

Tips To Choose What Color Paint Is Best For A Couple’s Bedroom 

Tip 1: Discuss The Atmosphere You Want To Create 

Take a good look at your bedroom together. Is the lighting sufficient enough to pull off dark-colored walls? If the color of your furniture is a dark shade, you need to consider using light-colored paint for the walls and vice versa.

Now sit down and discuss the atmosphere you want to create for your bedroom, and yes, do keep your age in mind. If both of you fall under the senior citizen category, then painting the bedroom walls black will look rather odd, if I might add.

Whether you want to head off to the bedroom to relax, romance or even just lay side by side and enjoy your favorite show, make sure you decide which color wall paint will suit both of your moods. 

Tip 2: Collect Samples 

Now that both of you have a vague idea of the perfect color paint for your couple’s bedroom, it’s time to collect samples. Drop by your nearby paint store and see what they have to offer, or you always have the option to order samples online. Make sure you order a few shades of the same color so that you can select which works better for your bedroom.

Tip 3: Look At The Samples Carefully 

Once you take the samples home, try to look at them every couple of hours to see the actual shade under natural daylight and artificial bulb lights, as the color may vary under different lighting. For example, if the bedroom looks dark with blue paint during the daytime, you may need to aim for a lighter color.

Make sure to hold the samples against your walls to see which one complements the furniture, lighting, and, most of all, both of your personalities.

Significance and Symbolization of Different Colors 

It’s not every day that you change the color of your bedroom walls. Hence when it comes to choosing the best color paint for your couple’s bedroom, it is essential to understand what each color symbolizes and how it represents both of your personalities.

1. Red 

Red is the universal color of love, lust, and passion that will no doubt leave your bedroom walls and let off a steamy vibe for you and your partner to start romancing. The color is perfect for those who are head over heels in love with one another and are always looking for opportunities to spend quality time together.

2. Green 

Green is the color of mother nature that signifies freshness, growth, and new beginnings that will leave your bedroom walls with a mild effect. This will help to soothe your eyes and brain, allowing you to sleep peacefully.

3. White 

The color white represents peace and purity that will make your bedroom look more relaxing, helping you to doze off. Also, painting the walls white will make the room look bigger and brighter. Possibly not requiring any artificial light during the daytime.

4. Yellow 

Yellow gives off a cheerful and happy vibe reminding you of the summer sun on your bedroom walls. If you want to start your stay on a positive note and full of energy, this is the color you need for those walls.

5. Black 

The color black is often misinterpreted, and many think that it brings negative energy. But that is not the case, as it is the color of sophistication, mystery, and elegance. 

A black bedroom is hard to pull off if the space is small, as the dark color will make the room look congested.

6. Blue 

Blue is a cool-toned color that represents the earth, ocean, and seas. If you and your partner are spiritual and prefer to live peacefully, this is the color for your bedroom walls.

7. Pink 

The ever-so-feminine color pink symbolizes romance and passion. Although painting the walls pink will make it look like a typical girl’s bedroom, it would be best to add another color to make it look like a couple’s bedroom.

8. Orange 

Orange symbolizes energy and good health. Painting the bedroom walls using orange will add a sense of youthfulness, helping you to feel more motivated toward life.


1. What wall color goes with white bedroom furniture?

It depends on what type of look you want to create in your bedroom. If you wish for the white bedroom furniture to pop out, then go for darker shades of blue, green, red, or even brown. Or else opt for pastel wall paint colors to give the bedroom a relaxing vibe.

2. What color paint goes with dark brown furniture in the bedroom?

For dark brown furniture, the bedroom needs to be painted with light colors such as beige, light blue, or white so that the room doesn’t look too dark.

3. What color goes with mahogany bedroom furniture?

Since the mahogany bedroom furniture itself gives off a reddish-orange vibe in the room, the walls should be painted with light colors. These include yellow, light gray, or cream paint to match the color combination with the furniture.

End Note 

When it comes to choosing what color paint is best for a couple’s bedroom, you need to consider the factors that we have mentioned because painting walls is not something you will be doing on a regular basis. 

Take your time to choose the perfect shade for the walls in accordance with both of your personalities, room size, and also the color of the furniture.

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